Japanese Tapas

Edamame GF, DF, VGS

7.9 / M 11.9

garlic oil, garlic crumbs, shichimi

Lotus chips & Guacamole GF, DF, VG  

S 8.8 / M 12.8

avocado, tomato, red onion, parsley, garlic, lemon, EVOO

Blackpink Bao 2pcs DF

12.8 / ext 6.5

pulled pork, cabbage, cucumber, dragon fruit puree

Yuzu cream prawn


battered fried prawn, orange, yuzu cream, pistachio

Vegetable tempura DF, VG


edamame, corn, shiitake, yam, long bean, okra

Potato croquettes 2pcs VGO                    8.3

potato, carrot, corn, green pea, tartar and okonomi sauce 

Pumpkin croquettes 2pcs DF                    9.0

pumpkin, potato, bread crumb, tartar and okonomi sauce 

Beef croquettes 2pcs


ground beef cutlet, house-salad, tartar and okonomi sauce

Chicken Karaage      

  • Plain 12.5
  • Soy garlic 13.5
  • Sweet chili 13.5

Fried wings DF

S 8.9 / M 16.2

fried chicken wings glazed by coke-soy sauce 

Yakitori 3pcs DF


skewered chicken thigh, yozu-kosho, mustard, house-salad

Fried oysters 5pcs DF


bread crumb fried oysters 5pc, tartar sauce

Teriyaki Fish GF, DF


Daily selected fish served with seasonal grilled vegetables

Fried shiitake mushroom


deep-fried shiitake mushroom with capcicum, house-made sweet-sour sauce

Garlic prawn


pan-fried king prawn with concasse tomato, chili, garlic and seasonal veges, served with garlic bread 

Fried calamari


buttermilk fried calamari with rocket salad served with tartar sauce and fresh lemon

Rice balls


deep fried bread crumb rice ball stuffed withkimchi, cheese served with house made Napoli sauce

Smoked BBQ Pork ribs


Slow cooked house smoked pork ribs, marinated with maple, BBQ sauce, fennel, garlic & chilli




Japanese soupless noodle with soy-based pork mince, seaweed, spring onion, katsuobushi and egg yolk on top

Mentaiko cream udon


udon noodles in a creamy sauce of salted pollock roe, bacon, mushroom with spring onion, seaweed, mentaiko

MistaBoo one – bite signature

Nori chips canape 3pcs DF              12.0/ext 4.0

  • Spicy prawn       

cooked prawn, cayenne pepper, red onion, sriracha mayo

  • House-smoked fish      

assorted grilled fish, herbs, caper, lemon, wasabi aioli

Ssam (Baby gem lettuce)

12.5 / ext 4.5

  • Pulled pork belly 3pcs DF

sweet soy braised pork, garlic shoot, ginger pickle

  • Tri-mushroom 3pcs GFO, DF, VG  

shitake, shimeji, oyster mushroom, garlic shoot, ginger pickle, quinoa

Kakiage canape

15.0 / ext 5.0

  • lobster salad 3pcs             

seasoned lobster salad, guacamole, cucumber, chives


Garden salad


roasted veges, mesclun, tomato with house made lemon dressing

+Chicken 5.0

+Pulled pork 5.0

+Avo 5.0

Soba salad GF, DF, VG


soba, cabbage, carrot, edamame, pomegranate, quinoa


Earl Grey panna cotta


panna cotta infused with earl grey, lemon zest and honey, served with berry coulis, red bean paste, macerated berries and matcha cookie

Orange cake GF


Orange cake served with raspberry caramel, honey-lemon mascarpone and seasonal berries

Ice cream VGO


  • vanilla
  • vegan vanilla
  • hojicha(VG)served with

served with sweet red bean, matcha powder, matcha cookie

Kids menu

Mini maki + karaage + chips DF                  9.9

choice of mini maki – avocado, salmon, tuna, cooked tuna, tamago, chicken 

Egg sando


creamy and rich egg salad with mini brioche buns


Prawn chips 5.0

Spring rolls 5.0

Garlic bread 5pcs  6.0

Cheese stick 6.0

Raw Tapas

Fresh Oysters DF, GFO

$5 each

served with lemon and ponzu jelly


  • Salmon GFO, DF 15.0

citrus-soy marinade sauce, red radish, caper, dill, herb oil 

  • King Fish GFO, DF 16.0

sesame vinaigrette, red radish, kimchi, garlic crumb, garlic shoot, nori powder 

  • Snapper GFO, DF 15.0

sesame vinaigrette, red radish, kimchi, garlic crumb, garlic shoot, nori powder 


Assorted Sashimi 10pcs DF, GFO               24.5

daily fish with oyster

Assorted Sashimi 16pcs DF, GFO               42.8

daily fish with oyster and scallop


Assorted sushi 9pcs DF, GFO                  24.3

salmon, kingfish, scallop, tuna, amaebi, unagi, tobiko, tamago

Assorted aburi sushi 6pcs DF, GFO             18.5

salmon, amaebi, unagi, kingfish, scallop

Assorted sushi 6pcs + Sashimi 4pcs DF, GFO    27.0

salmon, kingfish, snapper, scallop, tuna, amaebi

Salmon Lover DF, GFO                         26.0

salmon nigiri, aburi salmon, salmon & avo roll, salmon sashimi

Salmon nigiri 6pcs GFO                        14.0

Aburi salmon nigiri 6pcs GFO                  16.0

Seared Nigiri 2pcs

  • Salmon 6.0
  • Cheese Salmon 6.5
  • Kingfish 6.0
  • Scallop 6.0
  • Unagi (eel) 6.0
  • Cheese Prawn 6.5  

Fresh Nigiri 2pcs GFO, DF

  • Salmon 5.0
  • Kingfish 5.0
  • Scallop 5.0
  • Tuna 5.0
  • Prawn  5.0
  • Tamago 5.0

Chef’s special roll 21.5

  • Lion King 8pcs

kanikama, avo, cucumber, aburi salmon on top with spicy cheese mayo and teri sauce

  • Aburi salmon roll 8pcs

aburi salmon on top with kanikama, avocado, cucumber

  • Soft shell crab spider roll 8pcs

soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber with mayo, aonori on top

  • Karaage volcano roll 6pcs *Available for lunch only

karaage on top with mozzarella, chicken katsu, avocado

Regular Roll 4pcs  5.0

chicken avocado maki / salmon avocado maki cooked tuna avocado maki / teri chicken avocado maki

Mini Maki 6pcs 4.0

avocado / salmon / fresh tuna / cooked tuna

tamago / cucumber / chicken katsu / teri chicken

Rice bowl

*Available for lunch only

Chirashi Don GFO 28.0

salmon, kingfish, scallops, tuna, amaebi

Buta kakuni Don DF  19.8

braised pork belly, house salad, tsukemono

Chicken nanban Don DF 18.0

battered chicken thigh with tartar, house salad, tsukemono

Unagi Don 23.9

Kabayaki eel, house salad, tsukemono

Teriyaki fish Don GF, DF 25.9

assorted fish of the day, house salad, tsukemono